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Where does the data come from?

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Calibrate your Camera and Lenses!

Since 2011, Reikan FoCal has been the leading product to help camera owners to calibrate their cameras and lenses for better picture quality. Used by tens of thousands of photographers in over 120 countries, FoCal is the only automatic calibration software, taking control of your camera and making focus adjustment easy!

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As well as calibration, FoCal can also analyse the performance of your camera and lenses, measuring autofocus performance and consistency as well as the quality across the aperture range of your lens. The software analyses sharpness, distortions, chromatic aberrations and can show you if there are any problems with your equipment.

There's also Dust Analysis which quantifies the dust on your sensor, giving you a clear idea of whether you really do need to clean your sensor or if a few specks won't affect your style of shooting.

All at the touch of a button

FoCal runs on Windows and Mac computers, connects to the camera using the USB cable supplied with the camera and takes full control of the testing.

Reikan FoCal Target Setup Utility

You need to attach a FoCal Calibration Target to the wall some distance away and aim your camera at the target, but the software guides you through this process and checks everything is correct - from lighting level and testing distance through camera and lens settings.

When everything's in place, you hit the Start button and watch the calibration happen!

Reikan FoCal connected to camera

FoCal Comparison Database

Imagine you've spent a lot of money of a nice, professional grade 24-70mm f/2.8 lens. You take shots, enjoy the fast aperture and are overall pleased with your lens. Six months later, you're comparing images with a friend with the same lens and you suddenly notice how sharp their photos are... and that's the first moment you realise that the lovely lens you've been using for all those months is a bit of a dud copy!

That's where the FoCal Comparison Database comes in...

When FoCal users run tests on their equipment, numerical results are uploaded to Reikan and we anonymously process and aggregate the data to create models of typical performance of equipment.

This is fed back to you through the FoCal software, so you can immediately see not only how your camera and lens is performing, but also how it compares to other users.

FoCal Comparison Database

If you've run that lens through FoCal on day 1, you'd have immediately known that something was wrong!

FoCal IQ - Bringing it all together!

Our uploaded, anonymised results data provides a fantastic insight into the performance characteristics of cameras and lenses - and this is what we're doing with FoCal IQ.

FoCal IQ doesn't show you how a single copy of a lens performs, but the typical performance of hundred or even thousands of copies of each lens, across a variety of camera bodies.

Reikan FoCal connected to camera

Get Reikan FoCal

If you're interested in calibrating your camera autofocus or measuring and seeing how your equipment compares you can purchase Reikan FoCal from the website.

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