About FoCal IQ

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What is FoCal IQ?

FoCal IQ provides a new insight into how lenses and cameras perform. We process Reikan FoCal results data: millions of data points from thousands of camera/lens combinations to give you a view of how equipment really works out in the world!

Camera lenses and Reikan FoCal Target

What makes FoCal IQ different?

There are lots of camera equipment review and analysis sites on the internet, but most take measurements from a very small sample of the equipment (Camera/lens) being reported on. For instance, when a new lens is released, a site may get given a single copy by the manufacturer. They review this single copy and publish the results.

However, not all lenses and cameras are created equal... so how do you know that the review is truly representative?

Using resuls uploaded from Reikan FoCal, FoCal IQ looks at hundreds - sometimes thousands - of copies of cameras and lenses and produces an unbiased, average view of the performance of the equipment in several key areas.

Lens Information

Our lens database lets you choose a lens and take a look at a general summary, specifications, usage data and dig deep into analysis results for:

  • Calibration measurements
  • Focus accuracy and consistency
  • Performance when the aperture is wide open
  • All aspects of the aperture of best image quality
  • Vignetting
  • Aberrations
  • Physical performance (mechanical, electronic and optical)

FoCal IQ Lens Summary

Where does the data come from?

Back in 2011, we released the first version of Reikan FoCal - a software tool for simplifying and automating the adjustment of focus on digital SLR cameras. Since it's first release, we've added support for over 40 cameras, with hundreds of thousands of users fine-tuning their equipment for better photos.

Users of FoCal have the option to upload their numerical results data to Reikan, and we process the data and feed it back to the software so users can see how their lens compares with the typical lens performance.

Our data sets consist of millions of points across thousands of combinations of cameras and lenses, and give a unique insight into how the equipment behaves.

Browse the Lens Database

You can look through our Lens Database by clicking the link here or the Lenses option in the title bar. Filter on brands, focal length etc and then take a look at all the data available for each lens.

FoCal IQ Lens Database